Botanica is a robot for automated trading on the Polniex/Binance exchange using api-protocol. Applies a strategy of short positions with a set profit rate (or not very short, depending on the settings and your greed for profit;)) and averaging in a downtrend.

What can a bot do in the current version:
trade all the currency pairs available on the Polniex/Binance exchange.
independently choose, from a user-specified list, currency pairs for trading, depending on the state of the market.
It is also possible to strictly specify pairs.
simultaneous trading in several pairs (as long as the number is unlimited)
enter into the trade (place orders for purchase) in manual or automatic mode, using algorithms for analyzing the current state of the market (detailed description of the algorithms below)
handle suspensions and mistakes of the long-suffering Polniex/Binance exchange.
to sound an audio signal about the committed trade operations.

The process of trading occurs according to the following algorithm:
Issuing a buy order, at the best price in a glass.
In case of interrupting your bet rate, someone else's order, the bot will automatically change the price for the best, until the bet is purchased.
After the execution of the purchase order, a sell order will be created with the profit percentage specified in the settings, and also the reinsurance hedge (for purchase) for further averaging, with a step and an increase factor (martingale), also specified in the settings.
If the exchange rate falls and execution of the insurance rates, the sales order will change taking into account the purchased orders. Also, new insurance rates will be added if the rate of decline indicated in the settings is not reached.
When executing a sell order (fixing profits), all unsettled insurance rates of this currency are deleted and the will begin anew, with the same or with another currency pair, depending on the state of the market and the user's bot settings.

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The latest stable version of the program ( Poloniex )
The latest stable version of the program ( Binance )