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[ANN] Relictum Pro | Blockchain 5.0 of the latest generation

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Relictum Pro is the first global blockchain service that provides the opportunity to optimally use modern tools with a great deal of future. Our main mission is to simplify and improve life for all users of the blockchain in any area of life. Thanks to new technical capabilities, we are creating a new, modern and fast Blockchain, drawing on the experience of previous versions, and leaving only the best for you.

It should be noted that the concept of Blockchain 5.0 appeared last year and successfully passed all the stages, entering the market. The alpha version of the product (TEST-NET 0.1), has successfully proven itself on all operating systems. Many indicators have been improved, and flaws in the conventional blockchain system have been eliminated.

?What is next ?

2020 brought new forces to the development of our project, and we can proudly say that we are ready for absolutely any difficulties to achieve our goals. In the first quarter, we plan to release a stable version of the application for the successful implementation and improvement of many blockchain industries. It includes:
- insurance;
- medicine;
- financial activities;
- logistics;
- gambling sphere;

We want to remind you that our #tokensale will end in the second quarter. After the completion of STO, we plan to develop and scale, creating new chains and nodes. And, of course, the creation of private is also part of our plans.

📝 And perhaps a little about our plans for 2021. We plan to introduce our system not only in other areas of life, everywhere increasing the level of customer service, but also reaching the state level, helping humanity to develop together, by common efforts.



What is a smart-contract?
A smart contract is a computer algorithm that provides a set of functions and data arranged in a specific order. These algorithms make it possible to fully automate all actions, and all participants can freely check the correctness of its operation and transparency of the action. That is why this technology is used in the blockchain to ensure honesty on the part of all parties to the contract and allowing data to be transmitted at a faster rate than existing networks.

Application area
In recent years, the scope of smart contracts has increased significantly since most innovative projects and start-ups have become participants in the blockchain network. Currently, most often smart contracts use:
-area of finance and banking;
In this area, electronic signatures based on private and public keys are increasingly being used;

- logistics;
To build routes not only physically but also routes within the network, since smart contracts exclude the human factor. Often also used in creating routes for the delivery of goods;

- Real estate market;
Smart contracts provide a more honest relationship between the buyer and the seller, as it requires signing and fulfilling the obligations of both parties. The same system is used in real estate rental.

Four-dimensional smart contracts model
Relictum Pro project offers a new, improved system. Instead of the usual smart-contracts, in which information is laid down sequentially, we offer a multidimensional system. This technology allows you to conclude contracts not only between two participants but also between a group of individuals, providing speed and honesty at all levels. It also allows you to speed up the processing of data and save unnecessary memory. Thanks to this function, new prospects open up in such industries as banking, logistics, product descriptions and in the security system.



What do you consider the most dangerous in the modern world? The first thing that comes to mind is a war or a pandemic, which can take hundreds of millions of lives. However, it should be recognized that the level of politics and medicine is developing, and global catastrophes of this magnitude, if not eradicated, are completely controlled.

Than what can bring no less destruction? In the future, most companies will somehow switch to the blockchain, since it has too many pluses to ignore the possibility of its use. But this technology has a minus - security.

In a world where information is incredibly expensive right now, data protection tools are needed. Every year, fraudsters steal the registration data of many bank users or use trivial leaks to sell your data later. Yes, yes your data also has a price! But now it is not about that.

If the future lies with the blockchain, then there will be people who can crack this complex scheme. At the moment, one of the most famous ways to change data on the network is an attack of 51 percent (in fact, this is about 46 projects of the total number of network users, since not all of its members are at a certain point in time and can vote). Thus, the attackers receive a “general packet” of network power and change its data as they want.

This and many other problems (including the loss of keys necessary to complete a transaction) can be solved by the Relictum Pro platform. In addition to the blockchain version 5.0, the platform has a number of significant advantages. Relictum Pro uses a unique protocol, which is based on the TCP / IP protocol, in which a virtual communication channel with each node is formed over the Internet and the organization mechanism Proof of Tsar (to which a separate article can be devoted).

Thus, the Relictum Pro platform takes a responsible approach to encryption and data protection, which will protect your important documents and data from network leakage. Learn more about the platform’s capabilities at https://relictum.pro and take a step towards the future!



Today we’ll talk about the Relictum Pro tokenomics model. In fact, this is a rather complicated scheme, which we will try to simplify as much as possible. Relictum Pro provides three types of cryptocurrencies:
▪️ the genesis of tokens;
▪️ stable tokens;
▪️ Relict coins (stablecoin);

  Genesis Tokens are tokens that reflect ownership of the Relictum Pro code. They also give the right to receive deductions when using the code and are one of the basic tokens on which this blockchain is built.

⠀⠀ What are stable tokens?
In simple terms, these are digital assets equivalent to digital currencies and cryptocurrencies credited to Relictum Pro e-wallets. It is worth noting that the commission for the assets input and transactions within the network will be zero. When withdrawing funds, the commission will be 2%. These funds will be directed to a special fund Relictum Pro to confirm the capitalization of this platform.

⠀⠀ Relict coins 
And finally, let’s take a look at RLC stablecoins, which are the main coin of this network. The number of coins will grow due to forging (creation and processing of new records in the data chain using the nodes of the platform itself). Forging of RLC stablecoins is based on the principle of relictum radiation (or CMB), after which the project was named.

Together with the excellent network security measures, unique protocols, and modern blockchain version 5.0, Relictum Pro platform is the technological leader in the field of blockchain projects. You can learn more about modern tokenomics on the platform website and in our WhitePaper.

  Look into the future with us!



Relictum Pro – First Achievements in 2020.
The first month and a half of 2020 have already passed, and Relictum Pro can now present its achievements and set the pace for further development in 2020.
Technical and marketing spheres are still the main areas most of the works go on in.

Technical Achievements:
1. We have carried out refactoring and fixed incompatibilities during cryptography operation for systems running x64 platforms.

2. We have ported a client of mobile and desktop versions for such platforms as:
a)  Windows
b)  Mac OS X
c)  iOS
Currently, we are working on the possibility of launching a program in a special test environment that would allow the installation bypassing iTunes and App Store.

3. A special server (console) version of the client has been released, including the ported one for platforms running on:

4.  The possibility of account import/export to access an account from another device is integrated.

5.  One of the subsystems of the kernel of the node responsible for the operation of the network is developed, namely:
          a)  The consensus algorithm responsible for the network configuration at a certain point to confirm transactions and write them to blocks.
          b)  Initialization algorithm.

6.  The stability and autonomy of the node on a mobile device working on Android was increased, with the implementation of the always online technology.

7. Creating custom tests – we have done some work in this area, more than 50% of the functionality is already covered by tests.

8.  We perform active work on creating the custom smart contract module based on Google v8 library, which allows creating smarts in JavaScript.

Marketing Achievements:
1.  A large-scale bounty program has been launched (it was previously described in our news) with all the necessary links to social networks, telegram channel, and so on.
2. The interest and trust in Relictum Pro have recently increased over the network.

We should also note that the work on the creation and development of a line of business called Relictum Pro Enterprise, associated with the use of distributed registry technologies for solving applied problems, has started and in the near future, a separate section will appear on the website intended to present and describe the company’s products.



For a better understanding of our project and the blockchain, we would like to explain to you what a node is, what significance the nodes have in the blockchain, and how they work together creating a working ecosystem without failures.

What is node?
A Node is any computer that is connected to the blockchain network using a specific system (protocol). Thanks to protocols, nodes exchange information about blocks and transactions. Nodes can be different, depending on the type and function performed, and can store information partially or completely about the entire structure.

Types of Nodes:
▪️ A masternode is a specially configured node connected to the network constantly and completely synchronized with the network. The masternode not only stores all the information, but also distributes the reward among the network participants. This type of node increases anonymity, as transaction information is written only to them.
▪️ Lightnode - any computer with special software connected to the network. Lightnodes do not record all information about the network, but only a part, such as the name of the blocks to confirm the authenticity of transactions or information about the blocks for a certain period.
▪️ Private node - stores information about transactions occurring only in this block of the network. Privat nodes are used mainly on smartphones or media with poor information transfer and limited memory.
▪️ Sleep node - a node that is not connected to the network due to disconnection. As soon as the connection with the node is established, the node is checked for integrity and relevance and connected to the main network.
▪️ Cloud node - is created only when registering on the network via a web page and further work through it.

Relictum Pro offers a unique system improvement and a change in the P2P protocol - Proof of Tsar. This system will accelerate the performance of all nodes and sections of the blockchain and bring a new level of data security.

Check out our White paper to understand how much this will change the whole blockchain technology.


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