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Выплаты заработанных средств с форума - bitcoinfor.ru

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Здесь публикуются заявки на вывод заработанных средств.

Оформлять заявку на вывод средств необходимо в этой теме в таком виде - "Делаю заявку на вывод средств". Сумму писать необязательно, она будет рассчитана исходя из вашего текущего баланса на момент выплаты.

Минимальный размер выплаты - 1000 Монет ( 10 рублей )

Выводить заработанные Монеты можно на следующие электронно платежные системы:

Яндекс деньги

Perfect Money - ( курс конвертации по ЦБ РФ на момент выплаты )


Выплаты производятся по рабочим дням.

Если вы признательны за выплату, можете отписать о её получении. :cool:



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W***Go To Investment Conferences

I’m off to a conference this week for the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).  Why am I going?  What do I hope to get out it?  When you go to investment gatherings, what are your expectations?   I’ve garnered essential benefits from a wide variety of seminars and conferences, and those benefits serve as an informal “goals list” for this week’s IFTA event.

1. I’m less interested in the speakers’ prognostications and future outlooks, and more interested in their systematic methods of analysis.  If they offer up one without the other, I am not s***n challenging them for specifics.
2. I have a rule that I don’t read investment books unless they come recommended to me by at least two people I respect.  There are just too many bad and misleading how-to books out there.  I’m a little like that with new resources as well, such as advanced tools or websites.  These conferences are a wonderful venue for learning about such items.
3. gold trading strategy
4. In listening to other experienced investors talk about their tools and systems, one can’t help but review one’s own methodology.  This enforced reflection is facilitated by metaphorically kicking the tires of other investors’ approaches.  Most of the time, it reinforces my own methodology and builds self-confidence in my own system, and confidence does matter.
A corollary to objective #1 above is to remind attendees that the guy sitting next to you may have valuable knowledge and experience to share with you as well.  I’ve found that these peer-to-peer, belly-to-belly networking  توصيات الاسهم الامريكية
5. opportunities can yield both friendships as well as keen insights.  In other words, don’t miss the lunch and dinner events.  It’s half the fun, and you never know who you’ll get seated next to!
6. Call it the enthusiasm kick-start.  I find I’m simply recharged as a trader when I get home.  Let’s face it, these things are usually at pretty nice locations, and taking a break from normal office routines is always good for whatever ails you, even if you think nothing is ailing you.
7. Sometimes, I’ll take with me a specific element of my methodology or an indicator that I’d like some help demystifying an area of confusion.  I recall just such a case some 20 years ago pertaining to stochastics.  Lo and behold, I had dinner with George Lane, the creator of the stochastics oscillator.  His advice was spot on, and I’ve been reaping the benefits for the past two decades.  But I did pay for dinner!
8. With any speaker, I first try to ascertain his or her motive for being there as a presenter.  This offers both a credibility check as well as helps me to focus on specific content rather than being mesmerized by the sizzle or the sales pitch.   Keep an open mind, but in the end remember there is seldom a free lunch.
9. https://www.gold-pattern.com/en
Finally, don’t get swept up into a totally new investment methodology or excited by a new system far outside of your comfort zone.  Most investment conferences and seminars can offer something appropriate for every level of investor.  You may have to actively dig for it, but that one trading gem which catapults you onto the next higher rung is there somewhere.  Be patient.  Be focused.  But for gosh sake, be there. توصيات الذهب



The word habit is pulled from the Latin words habere, which means "have, consist of," and habitus, which means "condition, or state of being." It also is derived from the French word habit (pronounced \ah-bee\), which means clothes.[11] In the 13th century, the word habit first just referred to clothing. The meaning then progressed to the more common use of the word, which is "acquired mode of behavior."[11]

Habit formation is the process by which a behavior, through regular repetition, becomes automatic or habitual. This is modeled as an increase in automaticity with the number of repetitions up to an asymptote.[13][14][15] This process of habit formation can be slow. Lally et al. (2010) found the average time for participants to reach the asymptote of automaticity was 66 days with a range of 18–254   
توصيات الذهب

There are 3 main components to habit formation: the context cue, behavioral repetition, and the reward.[16] The context cue can be a prior action, time of day, location, or anything that triggers the habitual behavior. This could be anything that one's mind associates with that habit, and one will automatically let a habit come to the surface. The behavior is the actual habit that one exhibits, and the reward, such as a positive feeling, therefore continues the "habit loop".[17] A habit may initially be triggered by a goal, but over time that goal becomes less necessary and the habit becomes more automatic. Intermittent or uncertain rewards have been found to be particularly effective in promoting habit learning.[18]

A variety of digital tools, online or mobile apps, have been introduced that are designed to support habit formation. For example, Habitica is a system that uses gamification, implementing strategies found in video games to real-life tasks by adding rewards such as experience and gold.[19] However, a review of such tools suggests most are poorly designed with respect to theory and fail to support the development of automaticity.[20][21]

Shopping habits are particularly vulnerable to change at "major life moments" like graduation, marriage, the birth of the first child, moving to a new home, and divorce. Some stores use purchase data to try to detect these events and take advantage of the marketing opportunity.[22]
توصيات الاسهم الامريكية

Some habits are known as "keystone habits," and these influence the formation of other habits. For example, identifying as the type of person who takes care of their body and is in the habit of exercising regularly, can also influence eating better and using credit cards less. In business, safety can be a keystone habit that influences other habits that result in greater productivity.[22]

A recent study by Adriaanse et al. (2014) found that habits mediate the relationship between self-control and unhealthy snack consumption.[23] The results of the study empirically demonstrate that high self-control may influence the formation of habits and in turn affect behavior.
gold trading strategy

The habit–goal interface or interaction is constrained by the particular manner in which habits are learned and represented in memory. Specifically, the associative learning underlying habits is characterized by the slow, incremental accrual of information over time in procedural memory.[9] Habits can either benefit or hurt the goals a person sets for themselves.

Goals guide habits by providing the initial outcome-oriented motivation for response repetition. In this sense, habits are often a trace of past goal pursuit.[9] Although, when a habit forces one action, but a conscious goal pushes for another action, an oppositional context occurs.[24] When the habit prevails over the conscious goal, a capture error has taken place.

Behavior prediction is also derived from goals. Behavior prediction acknowledges the likelihood that a habit will form, but in order to form that habit, a goal must have been initially present. The influence of goals on habits is what makes a habit different from other automatic processes in the mind.[25]
The following is a description of a classic goal devaluation experiment (from a Scientific American MIND guest blog post called Should Habits or Goals Direct Your Life? It Depends) which demonstrates the difference between goal-directed and habitual behavior:


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