The World’s First  Adult Service Platform Powered by Blockchain Technology
Libidocoin introduced the best payment and access control solution which adult industry has been waiting for. It has long been known that payments for adult services and products are difficult – credit cards are unreliable, and creators often end up cheated.
Libidocoin is a peer to peer digital currency that eliminates the need to trust banks or credit card companies for its users in other to have the power to know where their money is at all times. Furthermore, Libidocoin is not just a digital currency; it is a specialized currency aimed at creating a marketplace around the adult industry that is secure, private and does not require trust of any other party. They also facilitate payment of content producers in a discrete way to ensuring both producers and creators are anonymous but at the same time, ensuring efficiency in the payment process.
“We will bring the revolutionary change in the adult industry and the libido adult platform will make adult service better for all the users from worldwide, we are so proud of the coin our team has created because we believe that it is the most efficient way to grow and to create a community around our product globally. We have already entered the adult industry seven years ago and have experience in the industry. We strongly believe that with the help of an ICO, we can not only expand exponentially and more aggressively but also use innovative and technologically advanced ways to deliver our service. We have concrete expansion plans, and our end goal is to expand to at least 18 countries in the next year. It is an established real-world business that invites the crypto crowd to take part in its success,” said the spokesperson for Libidocoin while talking about the company.
Libido Adult Platform

* Adult Store: We will be providing the wide range of adult products like vibrators, dildos, lubes, lingerie, men’s special toys, women’s special toys and many more.

* Pharmacy: Our online store will also provide sexual wellness products like oils, condom’s, Viagra’s, supplements, perfumes and etc.

* Doctor Consultant:The platform will also provide online doctor consulting for various private problems and guidance purpose. Users can chat with the highly expert doctors all over the world anonymously.

* Adult Events and Parties: We now organize many types of adult events all over the world like sex parties, beach parties, nude dj parties, rave parties and workshops in various countries and cities privately. But since now this will be done online on the Libido adult platform.

* Escort Service: We have the large no of prostitute’s data from many countries with different age groups and body types. We are in the process of engaging them in our platform and creating profiles which are verified and medicaly tested. Users can book prostitutes for fun online securely and anonymously

* LBD Coin Wallet: Users can store LBD coins in our secure wallet and shop on our platform using the LBD coins. You can also send and receive LBD coins from the wallet.

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