I think that one of the coins to look at in 2018 is definitely CNX. The thing is that cnx is increasing and it has already proved its potential to grow (7 fold in 3 months!). Cryptonex team is about to launch p2p platform and mobile app (hardware wallet development is on) and I strongly beleive, with their introduction cnx price will go up even more.

Right now, apart from buying coins, I use their pos mining -  when you don't need to spend money on miners and video cards. All you need is to register a web wallet, buy CNX coins, transfer the coins to the desktop wallet and keep it online. The profit is 12% annually + CNX price growth is not included in the income. Depending on the wallet balance, reward is deposited daily and with my sum I really get a reward every single day (mind that I have a big sum and I keep my wallet online literally 24/7)

They say CNX will become a major player in 2018, so think of it!