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[ANN] Relictum Pro | Blockchain 5.0 of the latest generation

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🔥 Relictum (GTN) listed on Coinmarketcap.

The Relictum ecosystem expands boundaries and takes confident steps beyond them.

👉 Hurry up to buy GTN tokens - Relictum goes up 🚀




Dear Relictium Pro users

📌 We should inform you, that fraud cases have become more frequent recently. You may come across people or bots offering you to buy/sell GTN tokens.

🔐 So we remind you that you can officially buy tokens on the website Relictum Lab. Also, in the near future, you will be able to buy/sell tokens on our decentralized exchange Relictum Pro DEX.

⚙🔓 Besides we strongly recommend you to use 2-factor authentication on our website in order to keep access to your account and your funds. Two-factor authentication is an important means of keeping your accounts secure. Please, be careful.

Your security = your money.




Relictum ecosystem launches its NFT marketplace!

💫 Relictum NFT is a marketplace based on the unique 5th generation NFT protocol of the Relictum Pro blockchain.

❗The marketplace will be unique!

🔹 Content authors have access not only to tokenization of high-quality works but their decentralized storage as well!

🔹 The ability to specify all co-authors and agents when creating a token, the "token aging" procedure, free transactions within the Relictum network, bridges with other blockchains, and much more.

The Relictum NFT marketplace is of great interest to investors, collectors, artists, and specialized professionals who see the future in technology.

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About Relictum NFT




✨ 15,000 nodes in the Relictum Pro universe!

📲 The number of registered nodes in the main network of the Relictum Pro blockchain has exceeded 15,000.

🔥 Congratulations to everyone on the achievement of this goal.

🤗 Welcome aboard Relictum Pro!




Five Generations of Blockchain What Does Decentralization Offer Now?

For more than 12 years since its origination, blockchain technology has become popular solely thanks to cryptocurrencies and DeFi products. But, potentially, the idea of decentralization can be useful in other areas as well.

Relictum ecosystem is a powerful set of tools and products for solving any problems with the help of blockchain technology.

Where and how to use systems based on decentralized ledgers? Let's find it out!

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Zero Fee Blockchain – Myth or Reality?

Transferring Bitcoins instantly without paying huge transaction fees is the reality of Relictum Pro blockchain users.

Relictum Node is not just a cryptowallet, but the hub for decentralized applications!

Explore a new world of decentralized opportunities with the Relictum ecosystem!

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💸 Reward distribution for GTN's holders October 15, 2021

💫 Today, GTN  holders have received their rewards.

📲 Check your wallets, you will be pleasantly surprised!

🏄♂And we are moving on: the next  accrual date is November 01.

🎁As for those who have not yet managed to buy GTN tokens – we advise you to hurry up because new surprises and payouts are waiting for you.

💡Reminder! Rewards are awarded only to those users who have imported GTN tokens into the RNode app!





What is Relictum Pro and how it changes the game?

Bitcoin Insider, the largest financial portal, an international independent news media platform, has published an overview of the next generation Blockchain 5.0 platform.

"The Relictum Pro platform is rightfully considered unique and innovative: there is currently no protocol offering instant and free transactions on the blockchain other than Relictum. Besides, platform users get single access to a full-fledged ecosystem.

Thanks to this, there is no need to use different protocols and transfer assets between blockchains to gain access to various financial services in the DeFi market."

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