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Torum Airdrop (XTM)

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Torum Airdrop (XTM)
Get100 XTM ($2.5) for register and 100 XTM ($2.5) for each ref.
Register an account on Torum Website (Use Desktop or Tablet)
Verify your email and phone number.
You can get more XTM at "Mission" section on website.
This airdrop program will last for only 11 days, starting from July 20th until 31st.
The reward for this airdrop: 100 XTM for Referrer & 100 XTM for Referee



Airdrop GlobeCoin (FCOIN)
Get 10000 FCOIN = $14 + 1000 FCOIN per ref.
Market - Mercatox
Link https://fcoinairdrop.com/?r=ZhGdUyN
- Enter Email & Verify Email
- Complete All Task
- Copy Airdrop Code
- Send Code to Group



Siambitcoin Airdrop (SBTC)
Get  0.5 sBTC ($1.5)+ 0.5 sBTC per ref.
Market Grex24/Stex/Nazadax
Link https://t.me/SiambitcoinAirdropBot?start=r0797613193
Join the Siambitcoin telegram
Join the Nazadsx telegram
Follow Siambitcoin at Twitter and Retweet Pinned post
Follow Nazadax at Twitter and Retweet Pinned post
Like the Siambitcoin Facebook page and share the pin post with the hastags #sbtc #siambitcoin #moon
Like Page the Nazadax Facebook page and share the pin post with the hastags: #nazadax #exchange
Regiter at Nazadax.com and send UID for recive sBTC airdrop