The Relictum Pro project is looking for ambassadors and community managers
The Relictum Pro project is looking for

• Ambassadors;
• Community Managers;
• Fundraisers;
• Business developers;
• Advisors,

who are native speakers of Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi languages to create local communities on social networks.
Relictum Pro is the world's first next-generation blockchain that is available on the phone. Relictum Pro blockchain can be installed even on an iron, if the iron has an android 64bit operating system. The fastest transaction speed in the world both on blockchain and on our decentralized exchange – Relictum Pro DEX. Over time, we will absorb all small exchanges and become higher than the top exchanges such as binance and others. Because none of them can compete with us in terms of transaction speed.
The contact person: @jivanikorne

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