Kraken clone script is one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange clone script. Which is the exact replica of Kraken with all the important features and functions. With this clone script anyone can easily launch their own cryptocurrency exchange platform without any difficulty.

Here we are going to see who provides the best business-specific features and security features on their Kraken clone script. As a crypto enthusiast, I have seen many Kraken clone script providers, but all are not providing the best solutions and features like WeAlwin Technologies.

Yes, In my point of view WeAlwin Technologies is the best cryptocurrency exchange development company. They provide stunning technical features and security features on their clone script.

Business-Specific Features of their Kraken Clone Script:

Margin trading
Spot trading
Futures trading
Crypto watch
Multilingual support
Customer support
Interactive UI and UX
Mobile application
Over the counter trading (OTC)
Matching engine
Contract transactions
Liquidity API

Unique security features of their Kraken clone script

Safe storage of crypto using the integrated wallet.
Email confirmation for withdrawal
Recovery less accounts
HTTPS encryption and security enhancement.
PGP and data encryption
Real-time transaction monitoring
No chargeback transactions
Dispute management system
Platform security features.
IT security options
Penetration security options

These are the outstanding and exclusive features that integrate their Kraken clone script to make your cryptocurrency exchange business more unique and effective.

Reach their Experts:
Whatsapp/Telegram: 9994044929