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Babylonia.app Where The Fun Starts

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Babylonia Always More Fun

Babylonia has an amazing team of creators working tirelessly to prompt the easiest yet most-amusing defi, gambling, and gaming experiences that are all based on blockchain technology. Our main blockchain (BINANCESMARTCHAIN, POLYGON, FANTOM)


Ideas Behind The Creation Of Babylonia.app

To enable a trustworthy and transparent gaming platform that real gamers have always dreamed of.

This Platform promotes high-quality and action-packed games with the innovative proposition of Defi and Cryptocurrencies. (GAMBLING, SLOTS, LOTTERY, SPORT and E-Sport  BETTING, Roulettes,...)

Fairness, creativity, and originality are the utmost principles behind the concept of Babylonia.app


Website: https://babylonia.app/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AppBabylonia?t=HkrB … Q&s=09
Telegram: https://t.me/babyloniageneralchat
Medium: https://appbabylonia.medium.com/


We are working hardly on our NFT Collection. The holders will be granted access to the new world of defi gambling and OUR NFTs and VIP Membership Cards will be generating huge benefits and rewards for our holders.

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Babylonia.app monthly update, February 2022

In February, we continued building our platform further. In spite of running low on money and resources, the team managed to achieve amazing results. Just hard work and a great desire to push the babylonia one step more to be complete.

The major projects of February 2022 are being summarized here:

★ The team is working on the two new pages nft.babylonia.app & media.babylonia.app, will be published in the next few days.

★ We redesigned our logo and slogan. It is "Babylonia Always More Fun", it is cool.

★ We have been approached by SoftSwiss and got introduced to their line of products and services.

★ Unfortunately, we had to postpone our ICO once again for the second time. We could not get enough investment to go forward, besides the unfavorable crypto market due to the risk of war made it harder.

★ We are working on the NFT developments, the previews are on the way, and the team is busy developing the backend.

★ Our web2 developer is working on the improvements to the 3D effects of our Babylonia planet on the main page.

★ The new animation neon glow for the menu on the left side is ready. We started transitioning to SVG base images from PNG.

★ The grayscale mode has been added to the main website home page wwwbabylonia.app

★ We got our pool.babylonia.app updated, some bugs are fixed, the dark mode and grayscale mode have been added.

★ Winners of the second Giveaway have been paid.

★ Ended the contract with a social media content creator we hired through Upwork. Despite their effort, we were not happy with the knowledge and the quality work they provided.

★ We have planned to host IPO & ICO services in the future as a part of the portfolio of our products

★ We planned to go multichain for ICO at the same time, devs working on the new token mechanism and therefore Crowd sale contract mods

★ Dev Working on chain selector tool for MetaMask, and our pool.babylonia.app web3 connector for Polygon & Fantom

★ Having our second #Giveaway on Twitter and Instagram

★ Started working on the smart contract lottery, developing the UI and the contract on the BSC test net

★ The team worked on completing the pool.babylonia.app, adding features.

★ The team worked on a new animation neon glow for the menu on the left side, the preview is out, waiting for code to get merged.

More details can be found on: https://docs.babylonia.app/babylonia.app/logs

One of the biggest projects of February is the completion of web3 pool.babylonia.app project and its unique chain selector of the MetaMask for main and test nets. We will be adding 12 more active networks in the next phase.

We also updated our logo and slogan to be aligned with the goals of the platform and its audience.



❖ Babylonia.app monthly update, March 2022

31.03.22 - The nft.babylonia.app has been updated, the NFT categories have been added, and menu icons updated.

The pool.babylonia.app page is updated and looks similar to NFT, we keep the same styling.

30.03.22 - We pushed another update on our NFT page. We got some fixes on the creating page, which will be deployed soon. Mobile pages are under a re-work job, updating icons and adding extra menus.

27.03.22 - The NFT page at nft.babylonia.app has been updated, we added new collections.

26.03.22 - Started to update our mobile pages, haven't been touched for a month, will be updated soon this week.

24.03.22 - The wallet connect feature and experimental NFT creating page is up and running, we're still working to optimize the layout. The media page is refreshed, the category and search option are now working, it is still buggy and the left side icons aren't in place, we are working on it.

22.03.22 - The team is busy finishing the NFT page designs, the ETA is about next week.

22.03.22 - The media project faced some difficulties, our previous podcast grabber API is not responsive, and we are working on the options with different API providers, that means some delays, but we are trying to finalize it by end of March.

18.03.22 - The new 3D planet is live, is it heavy and a little buggy, we are working on it.

17.03.22 - The main webpage is getting a new look soon, we worked on 3D implementation for a long time, and it is time to publish the first revision.  We are in the process of updating our documents and revisiting the pages we wrote earlier in the project.

11.03.22 - The team is working on the possibility of offering our BABY token and services on the AVAX Avalanche network.

10.03.22 - The nft.babylonia.app page is up and running, it is still a draft and work-in-progress. The work on the NFT minting page has begun, and the project has been assigned.

09.03.22 - The pool.babylonia.app and the chain selector have been reworked and published yesterday. We added 8 more ERC20 compatible networks.

06.03.22 - Unfortunately, we lost contact with our freelance developer of NFT in Russia. The task was handed over to another freelance dev.

05.03.22 - Started using Linear and Slacks for team assignment management and intercommunication.

04.03.22 - We hired two developers to work on the media.babylonia.app projects, adding podcast player features. The first phase of the NFT design project is finished, we have started to create NFT collections.

02.03.22 - Two new pages nft.babylonia.app & media.babylonia.app are published, they are still work-in-progress.  We hired a 3D modelling developer to help updating the website visuals.






❖ Babylonia.app monthly update, April 2022

30.04.22 - The Solana, Phantom wallet connection is adding to the wallet connect, soon the updates will be deployed.

30.04.22 - We hired a 3D developer for the 3rd time this season, after disappointing work by previous two, we raised our hopes up with the new one.

30.04.22 - The final UI design of login and Signup pages are done, devs working on it to code it into the platform and be deployed withing next week.

27.04.22 - The pool.babylonia.app has a new look, we are working on the wallet connection of Solana Phantom. Stay tuned!

27.04.22 - We are aware of the problem of not showing our documents properly on the GitBook, but they are fine on the GitHub, soon will be sorted out.

25.04.22 - We are very busy finalizing our user database on the backend side, also devs are working on the game.babylonia.app page, to add user registration and login features.

24.04.22 - Sadly we fired our 3D dev, who got hired through Upwork, he was able to deliver the requested tasks on-time satisfactory. We are looking to replace him ASAP. WIP!

23.04.22 - We are in the process of updating our documents again, as the development moves forward very fast, we needed to update our structure of content more often.

22.04.22 - The 3D model of the main page is optimized and got lighter, devs are working on the changes.

19.04.22 - We deployed minor UI improvements on the Pool & NFT pages.

18.04.22 - We have contacted some very knowledgeable promoters & Instagram influencers to talk and advertise about the platform.

18.04.22 - Unfortunately, the Crowdsale #1 is delayed for another month. Sadly, despite all our efforts, the number of new user that we require to start the process is below our goal number. Also, the feelings on Crypto market in April 2022 is very bearish and cold, we would rather wait for more favorable weather in May & June.

16.04.22 - We are ready to deploy the Internet Radio section of Media project once again today, working on the optimization and bug fixing.

15.04.22 - We have contacted many promoters to advertise our platform, we chose a few authentic channels to carry on.

14.04.22 - The game.babylonia.app is ready and publish, looks good!

13.04.22 - We have dismissed one of our web2 devs, sadly the performance was not what we expected to be, and it is not easy to carry on with our small budget, we get it.

13.04.22 - Started working on the user database, signing up structure and storing the data, two devs are working on this project.

11.04.22 - We hired two smart contract developers to audit our contracts and comment.

09.04.22 - The left side menus and buttons got updated, for the first time we have a same styling across the platform.

09.04.22 - The first phase of wallet connect & Web3 integration on media.babylonia.app is done, we are working on the optimization.

08.04.22 - Team is working on the mobile page of NFT services.

06.04.22 - To get ready for the ICO, we are hiring smart contract developers to do some security audit on our contracts.

05.04.22 - media.babylonia.app has been updated, we are still working on the podcast section, our free to use podcast API service is not very sophisticated, so we are limited in terms of features. Later on the project with a better funding we will get a paid API services.

05.04.22 - Our pool.babylonia.app also has been updated, we added Ethereum and Avalanche support.

05.04.22 - Unfortunately GitHub does not show the small updates, fixed and pull requests, some days we got more than ten PR and fixes, but it is not considered as a contribution. We need to fix that too!

03.04.22 - Unfortunately we have ended the contract with one of our devs. On the short term, it slows us down to find a replacement and bring the new member up to speed, but this is the story of our small start up. We have limited time and small budget, sadly it does not please most devs.

02.04.22 - We got some visual updates on media.babylonia.app, the music service is down due to API issue, we fix it in some other time. At the moment, we don't have time and resources to spend on music and radio project.

02.04.22 - We are busy patching pool.babylonia.app, adding network selector, the updates are under review, will be deployed shorty.







Babylonia.app monthly update, May 2022

● 31.05.22 - The second voice-over project is ready, we prepared a promotional piece in English and Chinese and soon will be published.

● 31.05.22 - Team worked on some updates on the main page, to play the introduction to Babylonia on the front page, in the quo to be deployed.

● 29.05.22 - The second voice-over project is underway, we are preparing the multiple languages this time. We contacted professional freelancers on the Upwork already.

● 28.05.22 - We pushed another update on the POOL page, some bugs fixed, the price section looks more settled now.

● 26.05.22 - The ICO - Crowdsale #1 is moved to 15/June/2022, we are determined to make it happen.

● 25.05.22 - The Crowdsale #1 page of pool.babylonia.app has been updated, we added secondary purchase method with works with direct transfer and does not need interaction with our web3 or giving permission.

● 25.05.22 - The social media field has been updated, and discord link has been added.

● 24.05.22 - We pushed another update on the signup. Now our logo is embedded in the verification email.

● 22.05.22 - The Signup and Login form is operational, it is still far from being complete, devs are working in it.

● 20.05.22 - We got all the SSL certificates of the subdomains reissued today and renewed.

● 18.05.22 - Last month we lost the contact with our Ukrainian smart contract developer. It was difficult to get everything back to normal and find a substitute. Today we made our final successful Token and ICO deployment on the BSC testnet again. We are on the track to do the final test on the mainnet on Friday.

● 17.05.22 - Solana network profiler is finalized, it is showing the values of tokens too.

● 16.05.22 - The UI of Pool page, the Crowdsale #1 & SWAP page got updated, and some problems got fix.

● 15.05.22 - The UI of Pool page got another update on the dark and light mode.

● 15.05.22 - Solana network profiler is up and ready, team is working on fixing the bugs and adding price features.

● 13.05.22 - The UI of Pool page is still getting daily updates and fixes.

● 13.05.22 - We publish new learning material and quick guidelines on how to use our platform.

● 13.05.22 - We are monitoring the bear market development very closely, we may postpone the Crowdsale #1 for another month.

● 10.05.22 - The the 3D globe is now final, optimized and our team managed to reduce the size to half, with 60% less triangles. It is crisp and lighter now.

● 10.05.22 - The UI of Pool page is under development. Today we will push for another update.

● 10.05.22 - The documents are getting updated once again, as we're getting closer to the Crowdsale #1 day, we publish and complete our comprehensive guides and learning section.

● 09.05.22 - We managed to run the animations on the 3D globe, also colors are better now, and less of over exposure. The 3D dev is working on the improvements.

● 08.05.22 - There 3D globe has totally been updated, and reworked. It looks amazing, we are working on the animations and more optimizations.

● 07.05.22 - We pushed an update on the Pool page yesterday, merging Solana with ERC20 networks, but it was buggy and problematic, so we revert it back, working on the fixed.

● 06.05.22 - The sign-in and create account of game.babylonia.app page is almost completed. It is up and working. We are busy with finalizing the final details.

● 06.05.22 - The 3D globe and models are under heavy rework, we hope to publish first preview in next few days.

● 05.05.22 - We are in the process of negotiating with promoters and influencers for the platform, some of their fees are extremely high.

● 05.05.22 - The game page is still under development, we got trouble deploying the user database and signup forms.

● 05.05.22 - Our monthly updates of April have been published in various forums and websites by our trustee distributor.