Coinbase clone script is one of the most used cryptocurrency exchanges across the world. This clone script is fully acquired all the basic features and functionalities with the benefits of Coinbase. And generally, all clone scripts are customizable, so that you can change, add, or alternate your clone script according to your business ideas and requirements.

Why choose a Cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase?

In the crypto space, there are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges so much popular, among them Coinbase is always suggested and preferred by cryptopreneurs. Because

Coinbase clone script is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, it is a completely peer-to-peer(that means user-to-admin) working model among the other cryptocurrency exchanges.
Even every new people or beginner can easy to trade in their exchange because of so user-friendly interface.
This cryptocurrency exchange supports more than 150+ cryptocurrencies and also it supports fiat currencies.
In the Coinbase clone script, the crypto traders buy/sell their cryptos directly from the admin. There is a huge fan base for over-the-counter cryptocurrency exchanges.

Every crypto startup wants to utilize this huge market advantage and enter to build their cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase.

Premium features of Coinbase clone script:

High-speed transaction.
Attractive and user-friendly interface.
Insured Bitcoin and other crypto deposits.
Security features.
Cryptocurrency wallet integration service.
Low trading for the users.
Easy to manage admin dashboard.
Multi-device compatibility.
Multiple language assistance.
Customizable software.

Security features oh Coinbase clone script:

2-Factor authentication.
Blockchain security.
Public and private key production.
Anti-DDoS security.
CSRF protection.
KYC/AML verification.
HTTPS Authentication.
Multi-Signature wallet security.
SQL injection prevention.
Content Management System.
Anti-Phishing software.
Registry lock.

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