Wazirx clone script is an exact replica, that acquires all the basic features and functionalities of Wazirx. This is a Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange platform script model, where your users can buy, sell, or trade their cryptos in an easy manner. And also it is securely running with the help of the Ethereum blockchain network.

If any user wants to buy or sell their cryptos. They should trade using with the help of an escrow wallet. The procedure for selling or buying the cryptos

First, the buyer sends the fiat currency to the seller’s account, and then the seller sends crypto coins to the Wazirx Escrow wallet. Seller confirms the transaction is done to the Exchange and, with the help of Wazirx Escrow wallet, releases the crypto coin to the buyer wallet.

In this clone script, one of the best features that make your business more profitable among the competitors. That is a high liquidity API to empower your crypto exchange platform like Wazirx. This clone script supports Multi different linguals that are convenient to change their local languages.

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