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Smart contract Alfat (alphaterra) … 1C3035bb38



    Dear friend,

here is the presale of alfat tokens is ready

Are you ready to invest in a token that will change the world?

Presale link:

you can now buy exclusive Alfat tokens (from 1 to 100 alfat); please use your USDT token

The alfats are available on the presales page and can be purchased at a value of 1 USD only

please log in with your Metamask wallet or Trustwallet and follow the instructions on the page, it's very easy

the ICO is running, strong Token Alfat to the moon

indeed, this ICO presale will allow Alfat and alfaterra foundation to have the liquidity to allow our project to be realized.

It is thanks to you, your confidence, your investment and your optimism that we can move forward.

General Information:

Alfaterra bep20 token contract: 0x834eE470Ddb53b9337f07D909B10461C3035bb38

Alfat bep20 pre-sale ICO contract 0xb7891607EAAd4D1f01f10CA8Cf866438CB615f5D

quantity of Alfat token in presale: 10,000,000

presale link connects with metamask wallet or truswallet:

value: 1 Alfat=1 USDT (ether )