Primary business models in Binance

Exchange fee - Binance will charge 0.2% of fee on every transaction/trade that happens inside the exchange. This can be split up into diversified schemes as they call this as maker-taker, volume based tiering etc.

Withdrawal fee - The platform charges certain fees on users when they opt to withdraw the fund. It may be in terms of fiat withdrawal through bank or crypto withdrawal in hardware wallet.

Listing fee - Binance exchange list crypto coins and digital assets to enable them for trading with a certain commission fee. The terms of fee may be initial listing fee or revenue sharing for every transaction.

Margin fee - Binance can lend you cryptocurrency in advance for trading. The exchange charges specific terms of fee on borrowed amounts.

Other fee - When users don’t have time in monitoring crypto movements and conduct trade, there is an option called automatic algorithmic trade. When users opt-in for this, a fee may be charged on every order.

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