❖ Private Sale Of The MagnumMeta (MGB) Token


The private sale of MagnumMeta's Magnumbit (MGB) token is set to take place on September 11, 2022. This is the opportunity for whitelisted individuals to purchase the highly prized Magnumbit (MGB) tokens at an amazing price before the commencement of the pre-sale and public sale phases.

MagnumMeta, which started as a Web 2 E-Learning provider in 2019, has firmly embarked on a course to utilize Web 3 and blockchain technology to enhance the E-Learning experience.

For projects based on the blockchain, tokens are an integral component. Tokens allow the holders to make payments for services bought and sold in the ecosystem, to participate in the governance, and an investment opportunity for those who wish to invest in the crypto markets.

The total supply of the Magnumbit (MGB) token is 500 million. In the private sale phase, only 6% (30,000,000) of the tokens are available for purchase. Those eligible individuals can buy the Magnumbit (MGB) token for 0.07 USD per token. The minimum investment is 500 USD, with the maximum investment capped at 5000 USD. The price of 0.07 USD per token for the private sale stage is significant as the pre-sale and public sale prices are 0.085 and 0.095 USD, respectively. Therefore, anyone who purchases during the private sale will obtain the tokens at a fantastic price.

The tokens at the private sale step have a vesting period of 12 months, a time element comparable to most token launches.

MagnumMeta is not only an established company in the E-Learning sphere but a pioneer in using blockchain to enhance remote education. Blockchain technology will take remote learning to new levels and offer an education that competes and outperforms conventional modes of teaching. With the compelling prospects offered by MagnumMeta, there is a massive interest in the upcoming private sale.

Those lucky enough to be whitelisted to purchase at the private sale can expect to be the holder of a token with massive future potential. Good things are coming your way!

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