Introduces the SPOTT Token vowing to Usher  in a New Era for Monetizing Music with their Music NFT

By introducing the SPOTT Token, TheTopSpotOnline, Inc is leading the charge in  embracing the transformative power of Music NFTs and shaping the future of the  music industry.

March 10, 2023, Raleigh, North Carolina –  TheTopSpotOnline,  Inc. is pleased to  announce the launch of its ICO for The SPOTT Token. The SPOTT Token is a utility  token designed to be the primary currency of .
TheTopSpotOnline team has built an NFT platform, currently in beta testing, centered  on recording artists, their music, Music NFTs, streaming platforms and cryptocurrency  using their US Patent Pending process for monetizing NFTs. The platform allows  recording artists to create Music NFTs tied to their songs on the top streaming platforms  and then sell their Music NFTs to their fans. A Recording artists’ Spot at
TheTopSpotOnline becomes their exclusive Music NFT store (NFT Marketplace).
Solving the problem of being able to once again sell their music directly to fans at a fair  price.
According to the team at TheTopSpotOnline, "We couldn't be more excited to introduce  the SPOTT Token and TheTopSpotOnline to the world. Our team has worked tirelessly  to create an NFT Platform that will revolutionize the way we engage with recording  artists and reward their contributions. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey,  and we can't wait for everyone to join us on this adventure."
Music NFTs are being reimagined at TheTopSpotOnline. Music NFTs at
TheTopSpotOnline allow artists to make limited edition collections of NFTs tied to each  song on each individual streaming platform that hosts their music. A Music NFT allows  an artist to set their own price and sell their Music NFTs directly to fans. The Music  NFTs work in concert with the streaming platforms. As their songs grow in popularity the  Music NFTs can grow in value. Music NFTs at TheTopSpotOnline currently work with  streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music,  Tidal, TikTok and others.
In addition to the music, fans receive a stake in their favorite artists' career and success.

TheTopSpotOnline tracks a songs growth as its streams and playlist placements  increase on streaming platforms. TheTopSpotOnline also enables an artist to create  their own Cryptocurrency a NTP-1 Token on the Neblio  blockchain,  which they can then  use to reward their fans who have purchased their Music NFTs, based on the song's  growth on the related streaming platform.
The economy of the TheTopSpotOnline platform is based on the SPOTT token, the  public sale of which starts at the end of March. The ICO consists of 3 rounds. The first  one being a private sale. The public sale will begin the final week of March 2023. Users  will be able to purchase the SPOTT token as a form of payment on TheTopSpotOnline  platform when it launches.
The exact rules of token distribution and a detailed roadmap are described in the  whitepaper and on the  ICO page
The innovators at TheTopSpotOnline are excited about the game-changing technology  and thrilled to be at the forefront of the music industry. They invite everyone to visit their  website to learn more about how to join this exciting NFT platform.
About TheTopSpotOnline, Inc.:  TheTopSpotOnline, Inc.  is a technology company that  aims to change how content creators and fans interact. The NFT SPOTT Token, the  company's flagship product, permits artists to monetize their work while also allowing  fans to support their favorite creators. TheTopSpotOnline is committed to driving  innovation and creativity in the digital content landscape and is well-positioned to  demonstrate that Music NFTs are the future of the industry.

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