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Anonymous crypto gateway for merchants and telegram channels | OxaPay.

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If you need a crypto gateway for your business or even telegram channels/bots without KYC/KYB, visit OxaPay.com

OxaPay is a crypto payment gateway that makes it easy to accept crypto (10+ coins and tokens) in your business(Website, Applications or telegram) and makes it useful for all. The fee structure of OxaPay is from 0.4% which is among the lowest fees on the market.
To set up an OxaPay account and start using crypto in your business, just need an Email or telegram account. Sign up in a few seconds and choose desired integration (Payment link, donation feature, Telegram channel gateway, merchant API or payout API) and now enjoy getting profit.
Businesses can use the below features as free in OxaPay and expand their projects by using crypto.

Merchant API (Invoice, White-label, and Static address)
The Merchant API provides an easy-to-use interface for developers to integrate OxaPay's cryptocurrency payment gateway into their websites, applications or even telegram channels or bots. It allows businesses to offer cryptocurrency payments as a payment option, catering exclusively to the growing demand for crypto currency transactions. You can use the documents and also get help from OxaPay's 24/7 support team.
Documentation: https://docs.oxapay.com

You can generate a payment link for a specific amount and configure various options (underpaid, feePaidByPayer, and etc) for the payment process.

This feature allows you to create white-labeled payments, providing a seamless payment experience while utilizing the OxaPay payment gateway behind the scenes. Rather than generating an Invoice, this method provides detailed payment information, including the payment address, currency, amount, expiration time, and more.

Merchant-Static address
Create a static address in a specific currency and network using this feature. The static address will be associated with a unique trackId, and if a callbackUrl is set, your server will be notified of any payments received to that address. This allows you to receive transactions to the static address regardless of the amount and time.

Payout API
With the help of OxaPay payout API, you can mass transfer to other users automatically (Zero fee in internal payouts). Also this is appropriate for webmasters who have micropayment to their users. Create an API and check the API documentation.

Telegram channel gateway
If you have a private telegram channel and want to receive entries from users for joining your channel, you can set it up with some clicks in OxaPay and configure your telegram channel crypto payment gateway.
The main advantages of using this feature for your channels are defining entry plans, defining supported coins for entry fees, automatic management of channel members, analysis of transactions and the channel members, retaining users with the help of the reminders feature, user-friendly joining process, etc.
telegram channel gateway documentation: https://docs.oxapay.com/integrations/te … el-gateway

Payment link
Create one or multiple payment links in the fastest way without coding ability and according to your business needs and share the Payment Link to your customers through Telegram, SMS, email, chat, or any channel to complete the transaction.
payment link example: https://oxapay.com/pay/1507457

Donation buttons
Create and add a donation button or link to your website, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to receive crypto donations. your visitors will be able to donate Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto assets.
donation button example: https://oxapay.com/donate/15076447

Keeps your crypto assets safe in its wallet
Everyone can use OxaPay as a safe wallet to save their crypto asset in a safe place and manage all assets simultaneously.

Referrals program
Get a 30% referrals commission
Users of OxaPay can get and share their referrals link with others and get 30% of all referral transactions fee. It's a free and enjoyable feature for you!

Referrals plus
If you generate an invoice (whether it's a payment link, donation, merchant transaction, etc.), and the recipient of your invoice becomes a registered user on OxaPay, they will be counted as your referral. if you need to know more about referrals plus as exclusive feature of OxaPay, read its article: https://oxapay.com/blog/oxapay-referral-plus/

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